About Us

As a mum of four amazing little humas, life can be quite hectic at times. Whilst i have been on leave after having my youngest, i have not stopped thinking about the day i head back to work. Anxiety starts to set in and i can’t help but worry about how day to day life is going to actually happen within, what seems, the small amount of hours that we have each day.

Then the lightbulb moment happened. What if i could work from home? 

Maybe it is my time, to put my hobby into action and just take the leap. Absolutley terrifying, however life is too short.

So here we are, a small home based business setup with just little old me running the show. We specialise in Custom Wooden Children’s and Home Decor. I myself complete every step, from every item being designed and drawn up, to coding and machining, hand sanded, painted or sealed. I make sure that every single item is just right and to our high standard of quality. We do not mass produce products as everything has its own new custom design. Everything is made to order, so please allow us reasonable time to design, produce and make sure we are continuing to produce quality products.

Why choose four little foxes creations?

The things that make us special


We welcome your ideas and concepts, then help turn them into reality. ​


Every concept, idea or personalisation is drawn up as a new design, coded, produced, sanded then the finishing touches are added. ​


To make our products all the more special and unique. We can personalise any of our products. ​